Avant-Garde Offices: Needle


If you're tired of going to the office and sitting at the same desk day after day, it may be time to turn your focus to this week's Avant-Garde Offices star, Needle. Imagine spending your day on the move in a top-notch RV, promoting your favorite brands.

The basic premise of Needle is to offer a solution to the ever-growing online market by providing a high-quality customer service associate, similar to what you'd find in person at a high-end retail store. The unusual idea is an ideal approach to address the changing needs of the way people shop.

Touring musicians have used "street teams" for several years; typically, these teams are comprised of fans who sign up to promote shows in exchange for special perks. The idea of a "Needler," as they're called, is to provide company brands with the same outlet of promotion. The difference is that Needlers assist via chat rooms that customers can enter if they request to consult an expert.