Frictionless Friday: Eliminate Distractions with the 3-Minute Rule

As I know well, working from home comes with a huge amount of distraction. I'm currently trying not to stare at the sink full of dishes in front of me or think about all the laundry I should have done last night. This is especially true if you don't have a dedicated workspace away from your core living areas. 

An easy way to manage those distractions is the three-minute rule. If it will take three minutes or less, deal with it now. If it will take longer, save it for later. Stephanie Taylor Christensen, a freelance writer, yoga instructor and mom, told Fast Company that she uses the three-minute rule to help her stay organized. 

I allow three minutes to tend to anything I feel I need to respond to immediately that is not on my to-do list. Give yourself three minutes every hour of your official ‘work hours’ to scan and respond to important emails, put shoes that accumulate around the doorway in the closet, etc.—if it takes no more than three minutes. It puts your mind at ease and reduces at-home work distractions without derailing your day. It also helps you spend less time cleaning the house and dealing with administrative tasks when the workday ends.
— Stephanie Taylor Christensen

We've talked about the 2-minute Rule before, which has a similar methodology. Spend that couple of minutes dealing with those tiny distractions and you're day might just feel a whole lot smoother.