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The Art & Science of Delegation [Infographic]

Delegating is an important tool every high performer has in their arsenal, but not everyone utilizes it. Letting go of that level of control and learning to trust the very capable and talented people around you is a process. The infographic below from ScaleTime looks at ways to use the art of delegation to avoid burnout. 

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Give Yourself Fully Customizable Reminders With Randomly RemindMe

I am that person that needs constant reminders. I need to be reminded of simple daily tasks, like taking my laundry out of the dryer, cleaning my makeup brushes regularly and, some days, drinking enough water. I don't necessarily forget to do these things, but my mind gets full of al the other things going on in my life that these simple reminders go ignored. 

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Kindness: The Ultimate Lifestyle Efficiency Upgrade

Kindness is a seemingly obvious general life rule to follow, but you might be surprised at how far a little kindness can go when it comes to upgrading your lifestyle. In my experience, simply being kind is the most efficient (faster, cheaper, better, and easier) way to receive upgrades from those who work in hospitality or service roles. 

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Knowledge Commerce: How to Turn Your Skill Into a Thriving Business [Infographic]

Many people keep their passions separate from their jobs, feeling it would be far too hard to make money through that interest or skill. However, as this infographic below from Kajabi notes, there are plenty of ways to turn a skill or passion into a thriving business. As the freelance sector continues to grow, so do the opportunities to become an infopreneur. Learn more below! 

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A Sleep Specialist Designed the Perfect 60-Min Bedtime Routine

Developing a real nighttime routine is one of those "adulting" situations that a lot of us never quite get around to. Instead, we watch TV, scroll through our phones and just hope for the best. Sleep specialist Michael Breus, PhD, has created a 3-step routine that he says can be used in just about any scenario. 

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If You Want To Be Tech-Free, Go To The Amazon

We are constantly surrounded by technology, from our phones, tablets and laptops, to all the technology that surrounds in our daily lives. But sometimes, it's nice to go off-the-grid, ignore your incoming messages and maybe even spend some time outside. But if you truly want to be technology-free, some experts say the Amazon is the place to be. 

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Communication Hacks For Women: Emojis vs. Effective Communication

Women walk a fine line in many professional environments, especially when it comes to communication.

A well-intentioned, friendly gesture or anecdote can unfortunately easily be misconstrued as “weak” or unprofessional. With digital communication dominating many professional conversations, it’s often hard to read tone.

Emoji symbols were designed, in part, to address this problem. Some use a well-placed smiley face to indicate a friendly tone -- but do emojis belong in professional conversations?

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