project portfolio


peter diamandis


As the Operations Goddess of Peter’s skunkworks, Marissa launched two bestselling books, created million-dollar digital courses, and recruited a team of 9 where each individual generates $1-5M+ of value per year to the organization.



pam hendrickson

The Ridiculously Efficient team supported Pam’s product development in two 2017 courses. We supported content creation, research and copyediting, enabling her to focus on high-level strategy and “front stage” execution with clients.

jeremy gutsche

Marissa created a four-month training program that helped writers publish 1K articles in just four months. Her writing and editing efforts (~5K written, 30K+ edited) helped take the site from 14K monthly views (2008) to 20M monthly views (2012).



julian guthrie

Marissa worked with Julian to launch her book How to Make a Spaceship. She coordinated a HeroX incentive prize competition to drive viral sales, and the book became a New York Times Bestseller.

christine gould

Ridiculously Efficient collaborated to supercharge Christine’s leadership, worked with her on a communications strategy and provided her with performance coaching. She launched her keynote career in 2017 as a direct result of her work with us.


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