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Time is your most precious resource, and at Ridiculously Efficient, we believe every day is a chance to play full out. How many hours have you wasted, underutilized or otherwise mismanaged, simply because you didn't have the right plan?

In our coaching work with clients, we've discovered that most ambitious, results-oriented professionals don't actually need to be shown what steps to take to achieve a desired outcome. Instead, they just need a framework and basic guidelines to structure their thinking.

The problem is never the problem. The problem is that you don’t know how to think about the problem.
— Dan Sullivan, Founder, Strategic Coach

What problems in your life could you solve if you just knew the exact questions to ask to extract your best thinking?

As part of our client work, we prototype tools and experiments for workshops, one-on-one coaching and our own internal use. These worksheets help us troubleshoot areas of optimization, prioritize everyday to-dos and responsibilities, and determine the ideal hours of the day to work on our most important work.


Efficiency Lab Features


One Exclusive Tool and Productivity Experiment per Month

Each month, you'll get a personalized email with an exclusive productivity experiment and downloadable worksheet. These self-paced experiments range from weekend projects to monthlong habit or routine modifications. Here are the eight themes we'll cover:

  1. Reject Complacency: Enabling continuous self-improvement
  2. Rebellious Risk-Taking: Evaluating risk and optimizing failure
  3. Respecting Superhero Skills: Prioritizing activities that use your best capabilities
  4. Destroy to Create: Continually redefining your own best practices
  5. Refresh Your Realm: Optimizing physical environments for maximum effectiveness
  6. Relentless Resourcefulness: Fiercely independent troubleshooting and obstacle clearance
  7. CEO of Me: Ambitious self-management, self-motivation and goal-setting
  8. Living Your Legacy: Doing purposeful, significant work

Monthly Productivity Webinar

Each month, join the Ridiculously Efficient team as we discuss the month's experiment, answer your productivity questions live, and share proven methodologies for effectiveness.

Future webinar topics include:

  • Maximize Your Mornings
  • Hobbies for Busy People
  • Quit, Moonlight or Make 'Em All Work?
  • Inbox Zero Remedial Workshop
  • Supercharge Your Goal-Setting
  • Awakening Your Unique Motivators
  • Delegation 101
  • Volunteering for Busy People


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We help ambitious professionals optimize their work-life alignment for maximum impact. Ridiculously Efficient offers results-oriented productivity coaching for entrepreneurial individuals and small teams. Our focus is on work-life alignment: proven strategies, exclusive tools and methodologies, and innovative routine modifications to increase your effectiveness, resilience and overall impact.

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