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Audacious Lifestyle Optimization


How We Play


One-on-one and group coaching options to get advice and solutions for your biggest day-to-day obstacles as a high performer.


Interactive, highly personalized sessions to help participants become Ridiculously Efficient and get more done in less time.

Team Work

Most of our bandwidth is focused on supporting clients inside their businesses as support team members -- and secret weapons.




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Client Quotes

I could run a small country with a few Marissa clones. That’s why I call her an Operations Goddess.
— Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary Speaker and Bestselling Author
So great. I am learning so much!!!! #rolemodel
— Fortune 500 Intrapreneur and Foundation CEO
Thank you. Like in the deepest meaning of the term, THANK YOU. You always bring a fresh, critical, honest and assuring perspective.
— Startup Founder and Social Entrepreneur
[Marissa] ALWAYS can be trusted to do what she says she will do, exceeds expectations, and demands the very highest quality.
— Adventurer and Social Entrepreneur