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Get to know the Ridiculously Efficient team's must-have tech, essential reads and lifestyle hacks.

Our Favorite Things

At Ridiculously Efficient, we're often asked for our recommendations on essential apps, devices, tools and lifestyle services. This page, updated quarterly, displays the team-sourced essentials that have passed the following criteria:

  • At least one team member has used the product or service for a minimum of three months on a regular basis;
  • The product or service directly improves one of the eight critical areas we focus on for work-life alignment;
  • We believe the product or service is significantly superior to free equivalents.

Disclaimer: Where available, we've included affiliate links. By clicking on these links or using codes we provide below, we may receive a financial incentive from the company. Everything you see on the list below is something we actually use and recommend, and we think of affiliate commissions as the digital equivalent of buying us a book, cup of coffee or a round of drinks in appreciation for time saved.


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Picked by: Marissa

The Amazon Echo is a wireless, voice-controlled speaker that connects to the Alexa Voice Service, the ecommerce company's flagship artificial intelligence system, enabling you to play music, set timers, get news briefings and much more -- all without touching any buttons.

My Echo is in the kitchen. I use it most to:

  • Set multiple cooking timers
  • Get the weather report while making coffee
  • Play music (Echo doesn't currently support Sonos, so when I want to listen to music in the kitchen, this is my go-to solution)
  • Turn my Hue lights on and off
  • Play audiobooks
  • Convert currency, measurements and units

How much do you love your Echo? Enough to start surprising a random attendee with one at the end of each of my productivity workshops.


Focal Upright Mobis Seat

Picked by: Marissa

The Focal Upright Mobis seat is an ergonomic task perch (I hesitate to call it a chair) for those who work at standing desks or taller tables. Designed for leaning rather than straight-up sitting, the Mobis facilitates a spine-friendly hip-to-torso range of 130 to 135 degrees. 

My Mobis is in the backyard officebar. I like it because:

  • The leaning position is the perfect "Goldilocks" hybrid of sitting down and standing up. Best of all, I can fidget and wiggle without falling over -- something I couldn't do on a yoga ball.
  • I find myself standing for longer periods when I have the Mobis as a backup; when I don't have my Mobis and I get tired of standing, I tend to default to a regular chair (not good).

How much do you love your Mobis? Enough to recommend it to two colleagues who work in a traditional office setting at a nonprofit -- and everyone else I know who has a standing desk.