We help individuals perform like small teams. 
We help small teams perform like large businesses.


At Ridiculously Efficient, our mission is to create time freedom through high performance.

Our elite clients, workshop participants and coaching clients rely on us to help them find surprising solutions that get results faster, cheaper, easier and better.

For us, effectiveness is a lifestyle choice that prioritizes targeted results over time spent at a desk. Our client scorecard is also the internal mechanism we use to track personal and professional growth against our eight key mindsets --  which, of course, align with our core values.


Confidence, Clarity, Credibility and Charisma



Ridiculously Efficient® leadership coaching helps high performers use their language and physical body to create impact, build momentum and catalyze change. In this dynamic, dual-coaching environment, you’ll get specific notes and feedback you can apply immediately to strengthen your communication skills, increase your persuasiveness and tap into your unique charm.


Schedule a 60-minute initial consultation with Marissa Brassfield to learn more about our 4 C's Leadership Coaching and how the program can be customized to fit your needs. This consultation will be used to build a custom proposal for a fully personalized experience. 

The initial $200 cost will serve as the deposit toward your coaching package, and is refundable as part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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