Weekend Reading: Guest Posts 7/22 - 7/27

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Each week, I contribute dozens of salary and business articles to a variety of Web properties. Here are some of my favorite posts from this week.

  • We have long known that men have out-earned women for decades, but did you know that there are actually some fields in which women out-earn men? Check out this infographic to find out more. [PayScale]
  • Telecommuting is being strongly encouraged for London locals as the Olympics kick off. Could this make remote working mainstream? [PayScale]
  • The phrase "working like a dog" could take a literal turn if more businesses allow man's best friend to become a regular office visitor. [PayScale]
  • If this social media ad agency gets its way, the workweek will be moved to a 24-hour cycle. [PayScale]
  • Most of us know (or maybe some of us are) people who simply cannot put down their BlackBerry, so it's no surprise there are new warnings about technology addiction. [PayScale]
  • The next time you feel like complaining about your job, you might want to think of workers in Argentina. One of its cities is so underfunded that the mayor is actually holding raffles to determine when employees get paid. [PayScale]
  • Don't like your boss and still have to book his/her travel accommodations? You have to check out the "Spite" feature from Hipmunk. [PayScale]
  • Here's a boss you would never want to use the "Spite" app on: Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing decided to share his $3 million bonus with employees. [PayScale]
  • Amazon.com replaced its usual homepage with information about the Amazon Career Choice Program. Under the program, workers can go back to school for training in well-paying industries. [PayScale]

Marissa Brassfield

Marissa Brassfield is a productivity expert, branding consultant and communication efficiency specialist who helps entrepreneurs and high-performance teams become ridiculously efficient.

Marissa has worked with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs on the planet. She’s dialed in to the frustrations these results-oriented, interrupt-driven individuals have with bureaucracy and suboptimal team performance. Her coaching helps entrepreneurs counteract growth-killing practices and unlock unparalleled performance from their support staff.