TED Talk Tuesday: Neil Pasricha on Being Awesome

Neil PasrichaIn this fun, inspiring TED talk, Neil Pasricha, author of the No. 1 International Bestseller "The Book of Awesome," guides his audience through the 3 A's of awesome. After all, being awesome is more than just an adjective or a throwaway word. It's a lifestyle, a mantra and a positive state of mind.

Check out the video below.

Marissa Brassfield

Marissa Brassfield is a productivity expert, branding consultant and communication efficiency specialist who helps entrepreneurs and high-performance teams become ridiculously efficient.

Marissa has worked with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs on the planet. She’s dialed in to the frustrations these results-oriented, interrupt-driven individuals have with bureaucracy and suboptimal team performance. Her coaching helps entrepreneurs counteract growth-killing practices and unlock unparalleled performance from their support staff.