Run Better Meetings With LessMeeting

LessMeeting screenshot If you run meetings as a part of your work duties, LessMeeting might help you execute them more effectively. This productivity app helps you plan an agenda for upcoming meetings (including time limits for each item), track action items to follow up on during the meeting, and view action items you're awaiting from colleagues.

LessMeeting has a collaborative note-taking interface to use during your meeting; afterwards, LessMeeting emails a copy of the notes and action items compiled to attendees. The tool even has meeting best practices woven throughout to improve the team.

See a video of LessMeeting in action below. Do you have regular meetings with your blogging or freelance clients?

Marissa Brassfield

Marissa Brassfield is a productivity expert, branding consultant and communication efficiency specialist who helps entrepreneurs and high-performance teams become ridiculously efficient.

Marissa has worked with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs on the planet. She’s dialed in to the frustrations these results-oriented, interrupt-driven individuals have with bureaucracy and suboptimal team performance. Her coaching helps entrepreneurs counteract growth-killing practices and unlock unparalleled performance from their support staff.