2017 Career Tune-Up


2017 Career Tune-Up


Supercharge your professional strategy with the Ridiculously Efficient 2017 Career Tune-Up. Whether your goal is to make more money, stop working on the weekends, build a side hustle, or transition to a new career, we'll create surprisingly effective ways to support you.

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Is This for Me?

While we believe everyone will benefit from a Career Tune-Up, it's optimal for:

  • Professionals considering or undergoing a job switch, relocation, or stressful career transition
  • Stressed-out professionals who want their workweeks to feel easier, less exhausting and more enjoyable
  • Busy professionals who want to find time for something important (getting in shape, quality time with family, building a startup or side hustle)
  • New graduates who want to outperform their peers and become irreplaceable
  • Talented students who don't know what to do after graduation

What's Involved

Your planning begins with a short diagnostic. Next, you'll have a one-on-one call with Ridiculously Efficient founder Marissa Brassfield to discuss your goals and challenges. We'll use this information to deliver a custom-designed Ascension Plan with weekly goals and monthly targets to take you through March 2017.