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today, anyone can do their best work and live their best life with the right support.

By day, we optimize operations and communications for an elite client base of impact entrepreneurs and small teams working hard on solving big problems.

It’s not just about improving productivity 10x - 1,000x — it’s about supercharging teamwork: engaging individual high performers to collaborate and deliver exceptional results quickly, inexpensively and easily.


meet marissa brassfield

Marissa Brassfield is Ridiculously Efficient®. She’s an operational efficiency specialist with a passion for supercharging small, entrepreneurial teams working on projects with global impact. Marissa co-founded and oversees Abundance 360, Peter Diamandis’ 25-year entrepreneurs’ mastermind, and is the Operations Goddess for Diamandis’ internal “strike force” of millennial entrepreneurs — all from her backyard shedquarters. Through Ridiculously Efficient Inc., she’s coached 100+ solopreneurs and small teams around the world on work-life alignment, team communication, personal productivity, and remote team optimization. Her Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to help entrepreneurs create the lives of their dreams by leveraging small teams.

Marissa doesn't do it alone, behind her she has her own team of uniquely talented super-heros that leverage her abilities from every angle. Together, they fight complacency and rule the productivity universe.

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What does it really take to get what you want in life? How do you discover what’s most important to you?

In this unparalleled mentorship, targeted at next-generation entrepreneurial achievers, Marissa will learn about your goals, projects and obstacles — and regularly share trusted opinions and advice on how to get better, faster results in all areas of your life. 

Learn ways to remove obstacles and better your life instantly. 

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