With a management background and track record of hacking workflows for efficiency, Marissa is uniquely positioned to supercharge high-performance teams.

Her efficiency workshops help companies identify productivity barriers, communicate effectively and streamline workflows. For workshop clients, Marissa typically performs a brief presentation introducing her 10-step road map to being ridiculously efficient in the workplace before diving into the company’s communication and productivity challenges.


Startups and small teams can benefit from the Ridiculously Efficient work style without the time and resource commitments of a half-day workshop. Let Marissa tweak or create your training materials and bring managers up to speed on the latest leadership techniques to incentivize maximum productivity and employee engagement.

This option is also ideal for conference breakout sessions, virtual teams and other non-standard business situations. Contact Marissa using the form below so we can determine what approach would be best for your organization.

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Contact Marissa to help your cutting-edge team do more in less time. If your request is urgent, please also ping her on Twitter @efficient.

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