What is Your Google Reader Replacement Recommendation?

Screenshot of my Google Reader
A screenshot of my Trends tab of Google Reader
Count me among the many avid Google Reader users who were bummed by yesterday’s news that Google is shutting down the RSS reader service. If you’re in the same boat, what RSS readers would you recommend I replace Reader with? On iOS, I’ve been using Feeddler and enjoy it, so this would be mostly for my browser or a MacBook Air app.

Typically, I embrace change, but I’m cranky about this one. I’ve used Reader since 2008 and in that time have taught several dozen editorial professionals how to use Reader to generally stay on top of the news and dramatically increase their productivity in research and story-digging.

What’s more, according to my Trends tab on Reader, I’ve personally used it to read 174,000 items. I’ve even configured a few IFTTT recipes that rely on Reader.

Google Reader users, what will your replacement service be?

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