Weekend Reading: Office Life Guest Posts 5/21 – 5/25

office life
(CC) Jake Ryan/Flickr

Each week, I contribute dozens of articles on office life to a variety of Web properties. Here are some of my favorite posts from this week.

  • What Countries Have the Longest Average Working Hours? [PayScale]
  • How Does Office Design Influence Productivity? [infographic] [PayScale]
  • HP Lays Off 27,000 Employees in Largest Workforce Cut in the Company’s History [PayScale]
  • Terefic Simplifies the Job Reference Process [PayScale]
  • General Mills Layoffs to Affect 850 Employees [PayScale]
  • Is Self-Learning the New Master’s Degree? [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Companies Redesign Open-Plan Offices to Mask Sound [PayScale]
  • US Median Income vs. Poverty Rate: How Does Your State Measure Up? [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Most US Workers Don’t Use Vacation Days [PayScale]

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