To Pump Up Productivity, Hire Athletes

team huddle
(CC) John Martinez Pavliga/Flickr

Many organizations focus intently on the academic accolades of potential hires. Little do they know that they may be overlooking an important facet of many star employees; athletic backgrounds. Although it is not a must, hiring athletes can provide the mental and emotional skills needed to overcome everyday obstacles in organizations.

As I mentioned in my post about Corporate Athletes, employees at organizations can model their lifestyles after those of elite athletes in the areas of dieting, training, resting, and their commitment to long-term improvement. Similarly, hiring people who already display traits of athletes can be an effective procedure for creating an efficient workplace.

There are numerous athletic traits that better the workplace. At the forefront of this list lies an athlete’s drive to practice a task rigorously. An athlete knows the benefit of repeating a task until the point of mastery. Furthermore, athletes achieve their goals, even if it means restructuring their path to success. Lastly, athletes strive for balance, which transfers to a level head in the business environment.

The intangible assets that athletics offer can be transferred to the workplace quickly and efficiently. By hiring athletes, you can push productivity to an all time high in your organization.

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