5 Activities to Help You De-Stress in 5 Minutes


When stress hits, it becomes hard to focus and even harder to calm down again. And, you never know where you might be when that stress hits (you can’t just stop and meditate in the middle of a meeting). So, we’ve compiled some easy-to-do exercises that will ease your nerves. Check them out below!

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Stress and the Holidays: How the Season Impacts Employee Health

holiday stress
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As a freelancer and telecommuter, the holidays are pretty stress-free for me. Thanks to the fact that I don’t work in an office or a 9-5, I am able to manage my time in a way that ensures I spend the holiday season exactly the way I want to. This means I have ample time to spend with my family (which I actually enjoy), I get to bake dozens of cookies for my friends and family and play hostess on Christmas day to cousins and siblings. In the days following, I’ll celebrate family birthdays, aid in cooking a big Turkey dinner with my best friends, and ensure my New Year’s Eve plans are fun and spent with people I love. In case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE the holidays! This, however, is not the cause for everyone.

For many, the holidays are simply a super stressful time of year that many would rather skip over altogether. Between shopping for last-minute gifts, a full social calendar of holiday parties, and spending time with people you’d rather not see, the holidays can actually become a bit of a health concern.

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Stress Management 101 for Support Staff

swimming stress
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If you work for an entrepreneur, you don’t need me to tell you that stress management is the single most important skill you need for the long term. Yes, other skills are exceedingly important — like effective communication, proactivity, resourcefulness, tact and organization — but without a solid stress management system, it’s just a matter of time before you burn out.

Stress management isn’t a one-size-fits-all skill you can develop overnight. But thinking about the 80-20 rule, here are the best first actions you can take to improve your capability to thrive under continued extreme pressure. [Read more…]