What’s Your Productivity Mantra?

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I’m often asked if I have a productivity mantra — a word or short phrase that centers me and helps me focus. I used to say that it was “work hard, play harder,” but if I’m honest, that’s not it. This phrase certainly explains my approach, but it’s not my rallying cry. [Read more…]

Richard Branson on How to Make Employees Happy

Happy at Work

We’ve suspected for a while that there was a direct correlation between worker happiness and productivity. This was confirmed in a recent study that found that happiness can increase productivity by 12%. However, many leaders still struggle to find ways to motivate staff. Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin Group, has offered a few tips on how leaders can make their employees happy.

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Forget Productivity and Focus on Employee Engagement

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Organizations have a distinct goal of finding new ways to make employes more productive. But, the problem lies in the goal. Instead of striving for higher levels of productivity, strive for more employee engagement. The productivity will then come naturally.

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Turn Demotivation into Productivity

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In his recent blog post, artist Oliver Wetter discusses his ability to turn feelings of demotivation into productivity. As an artist, Wetter feels a constant pressure to turn out quality art. Seeing the constant stream of quality art emerging around the world can be difficult for Wetter as an artist, but it also serves as motivational.

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