28 Ridiculously Efficient-Approved Leadership Quotes

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Not my frosting or candles, but a preview of tonight's sweet celebration. (CC) The Delicious Life/Flickr

It’s my birthday, and to celebrate ringing in 28 right, I’ve compiled a list of Ridiculously Efficient-approved leadership quotes from some of my favorite leaders. [Read more...]

Management Style and Employee Morale: Positivity Trumps Negativity [STUDY]

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We know that bad management can hinder employee morale and job performance, but new research indicates that poor leaders can even mess with their subordinates’ overall well-being. [Read more...]

Ineffective Leadership Costs Your Business 7 Percent of Annual Sales

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Ineffective leadership costs the average business the equivalent of 7 percent of its annual sales, according to recent figures from the Ken Blanchard Companies. [Read more...]