Effective Solutions That Kill Inefficiency and Poor Productivity


This is a guest post from Kevin McCourt.

We’re human, not robots. We’re susceptible to work-efficiency weaknesses and vulnerable to productivity pitfalls. But we can also improve. Use the following resources to stay on track and enhance work performance:

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5 Productivity Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs


© kikkerdirk - Fotolia.com
© kikkerdirk – Fotolia.com

Running a business, small or large, takes working longer hours than most. Entrepreneurs and CEOs often feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So, they’ve got to create their own productivity hacks that allow them to become more efficient and create more time for things outside of work. Below are a few productivity tips from successful entrepreneurs.

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Post-it Notes Teams Up With Evernote To Combine the Old and New School

post it notes
(CC) JogiBaer2/Flickr

Post-it has teamed up with Evernote to bridge the gap between the old-school sticky notes and the new school Evernote. The two companies are now offering co-branded products that allow users to digitize their hand-written Post-it Notes by simply taking a picture with your smartphone.

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