Social Media Marketing for Startups [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media marketing
(CC) Gerardo Obieta via Rosaura Ochoa/Flickr

This Udemy infographic focuses on social media marketing for startups: specifically, the techniques, rationale and strategy to create online buzz about your product or service. Udemy shares some telling statistics to bolster its argument that startups need to build a base of evangelists, fans and diehards, including:

  • 70 percent of bloggers organically write about brands on their blogs.
  • 35 percent of bloggers write about brands and review products.
  • Online consumers who regularly talk about brands they love are 50 percent more likely to persuade their friends to make purchases.

From a productivity standpoint, social media marketing can supercharge brand awareness in an economically efficient manner. What’s not to love? Check out the whole Udemy infographic below, and click it to see a larger version.

social media marketing for startups infographic

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