Monday Must-Reads: Office Design and Productivity

office design and productivity
(CC) SSDG Interiors/Flickr

You might not think that office design and productivity have anything in common, but today’s must-reads will dispel that notion entirely.

  • Blue rooms may help your employees become more productive, according to ProTect Painters. [MarketWatch]
  • Let workers design your office layout. After all, who better than they to determine the best placement of walls, desks and workspaces? []
  • Can potted plants really improve office productivity? [The Guardian]
  • Two Australian banks embrace an activity-based working philosophy that gets employees moving. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Telecommuters and independent workers may wish to invest in the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk, a full-blown workspace that folds away into a steamer trunk. [PSFK]

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