5 Key Insights on Managing the Social Network Generation

social media heads
(CC) Rosaura Ochoa/Flickr

Today’s must-reads tackle how Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have shaped the way leaders manage the so-called social network generation.

  • The hands of time continue moving forward. Here are seven tips to help you better manage your social media-obsessed employees. [HubSpot]
  • Curious about government’s role in the .net generation? Here’s some insight. [GovLoop]
  • Gen X and Gen Y employees require a different style of management. Find out how social media plays into this new style of management. [HubPages]
  • There’s a new generation of customers who use social media as a go-to resource. Meet Generation C. [The Social Customer]
  • Could social media possibly be seen as a threat? Here are 10 reasons why it might. [NetworkWorld]

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