Monday Must-Reads: Culture vs. Strategy

two men brainstorm
Two top minds brainstorm. (CC) Fortune Live Media/Flickr

In the ongoing debate over the factors most crucial to a business’ success, one matchup remains constant: culture vs. strategy. Today’s must-reads tackle this topic from various angles.

  • Culture either drives company strategy or undermines it. Don’t let “culture vultures” suffocate your strategy. [Fast Company]
  • Steve Boese argues that there’s actually a triangle to business success: talent, strategy and culture. [Steve Boese]
  • Intuit reinforces its culture of innovation with a strategy that hinges on ongoing recognition. [Recognize This!]
  • Gallup CEO Jim Clifton says there’s too much responsibility placed on innovation and not enough on strategy. [Business Insider]
  • Greg Smith’s viral New York Times op-ed, in which he resigned from Goldman Sachs and blasted the firm’s changing company culture, underscores the importance of employees in business success. [BRANDEblog]

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