Japan Might Enforce Mandatory Vacations

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A working person in Japan could spent up to 13 hours a day on the job, sandwiched in between a long commute. This sometimes leads to what they call karoshi, or “death by overwork.” So, in an attempt to combat this, the Japanese government is considering implementing a new law that forces workers to take vacations. The new law would make it mandatory to take five days of paid vacation a year.

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How Old-School Workflows are Getting in the Way of Productivity [Infographic]

perfectionism and productivity
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The Internet has been this marvellous thing for productivity. With easy document and project sharing tools, a lot of us have forgone physical documents and have instead opted for online file-sharing systems. Not every workplace has clued in to the usefulness of these tools and are continuing to use old-school work processes, which are only bringing down their overall productivity. The below infographic from Nitro outlines just how much document workflows are getting in the way of an efficient workplace.

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Seth Godin’s Productivity Pyramid

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There is no quick fix to boosting productivity. There are levels, steps and a lot of trial and error that goes into figuring out which tactics are right for you. Seth Godin has recently outlined a very simple way to boost productivity, and he says it’s as easy as giving yourself a promotion. He calls it the Productivity Pyramid, which comes with several steps that will ultimately get you to a place where you are the one calling the shots.

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Creative Agency Encourages Play With Break Room Ball Pit

pearlfisher ball pit
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Creative agency Pearlfisher decided to add a bit of fun to their London office. They filled a gallery space with 81.000 white balls, turning the area into a giant ball pit.

“The idea was to create an interactive installation that promotes the power of play,” Karen Welman, a founding creative partner, told Fast Company.

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