West Coasters are Better Than East Coasters at Loving Their Jobs


As a proud East Coaster, the news I am about to tell you is a bit tough to swallow. A recent report has confirmed that there is one thing the West Coast is better at, and it’s kind of a big one. According to a report from Brandwatch and Monster, people living on the West Coast are much more likely to be happy with their careers than those on the East Coast.

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Science Tells Us Why We Keep Checking Facebook At Work


While I am working, I find myself constantly checking my Facebook news feed. I’ve noticed that as soon as I start to feel a bit distracted, bored, or just not wanting to work, I open a new tab and visit Facebook. And thanks to neuroscientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, I now know why — because my brain is suddenly feeling a bit social.

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For Millennials at Work, Flexibility and Freedom Trump Pay


New research from EY, a global professional services organization, confirms a conviction of mine: millennials at work care more about flexibility and freedom than pay. Those who want to woo millennials will definitely want to read this one. [Read more…]

The ZCAN Scanner Mouse Helps You Digitize Your Life [REVIEW]

zcann scanner mouse
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Many of the entrepreneurs and team members I work with want to fully digitize their paperwork, but don’t have hours to sit next to a scanner bed with reams of paper. The ZCAN scanner mouse by Systech Electronics Ltd. is a powerful gadget that removes these barriers of time, complexity and space. [Read more…]