Do You Work for a Crazy Entrepreneur? Meet REBEL, Your Secret Weapon for Sanity and Productivity

Anyone who works closely for an entrepreneur knows that nobody really gets our jobs.

After all, who would ever want to work crazy hours, under extreme pressure and tight deadlines, for visionaries who are focused on big, bold and seemingly crazy ideas? :)

Most people run away from this type of work, citing every reason in the book.

“It’s too stressful.”
“I won’t ever have a life outside of work.”
“Too many projects and competing deadlines.”
“I’ll just find a normal corporate job.”

Rebels thrive in this environment. We crave innovation and exponential progress. We refuel from the energy generated by sharing new ideas, taking on big challenges and hanging out with inspiring people.

Rebels break stereotypes. We create even better ways to facilitate high performance in ourselves and our teams, because when you work in an environment where anything is possible, suddenly every problem has a solution. (Even crazy work hours!)

For me, and rockstars in roles similar to mine, that solution is REBEL, the Ridiculously Efficient Big Efficiency Library.

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REBEL is more than a constantly-updated database of my best productivity stuff, like tools, checklists, templates, interviews, best practices, and app reviews.

REBEL is a community of the most effective entrepreneurial staff on the planet.

After all, Rebels can understand and appreciate the true nature of our work — and why we’re so intent on getting even better at what we do.

When we’re productive, our entrepreneurs can achieve their objectives. When we’re ridiculously efficient, our entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams.

Imagine how you’d feel if you were part of a community that could actually give useful answers, backed with expertise, to questions like this?

  • We’re 48 hours from launch, and my entrepreneur just completely changed our strategy. How can I find someone who can change all these automated sequences overnight?
  • My entrepreneur calls me with work tasks well into the evening, and it’s taking a toll on my family life. How can I make it all work?
  • My entrepreneur needs me to make dinner reservations in Tokyo for right after his flight lands. How do I pick a place? He has some unusual dietary restrictions.
  • Our sales manager keeps complaining to me about her commissions, and it’s really demotivating. How can I support her without getting angry?
  • I get mountains of email every day. How can I stay on top of it but still get things done?

You deserve this kind of support, both in and out of work.

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Announcing REBEL: The Ridiculously Efficient Big Efficiency Library is Open for Entrepreneurs’ Teams

Have you ever felt frustrated because your assistant or key team members didn’t get or understand how to effectively communicate with you?

Have you ever let go a great employee, or maybe had a great employee voluntarily leave, because there was a mismatch between your expectations of the job and theirs?

You’ve probably never heard of me, and so you might not think that you and I have much in common, but actually, I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

From my seat at the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit.
From my seat at the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit.

I’m the person behind the scenes tasked with transforming an entrepreneur’s bold vision into reality. My entrepreneur has founded over a dozen companies in the space and technology industries, and coaches other entrepreneurs on how they can turn their success into global significance.

Thanks to his Abundance 360 coaching program, which I coordinate, I’ve not only gotten to meet and learn from other ultra-successful entrepreneurs, I’ve gotten to know their teams. Their assistants, their project managers, their heads of operations. I’ve seen them come and go, and I’ve picked their brains to learn why some of them stay for decades.

If you have an assistant, or maybe a small team of project managers, you already know what inefficiency costs your organization.

But do you know where this inefficiency originates? [Read more...]

Seoul Workers Allowed to Sleep at Work

korea productivity
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Most of us have felt the afternoon sleepies at work and always wished we could sneak in a nap. The city government of Seoul, South Korea will allow workers to take an afternoon nap in the hopes of boosting productivity during hot summer months.

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The Ugly Truth About Meetings [Infographic]

stormtroopers having a meeting
(CC) Howie Le/Flickr

Traditionally, meetings were meant has a means to productively brainstorm, discuss upcoming project and make decisions. However, many meetings tend to have the opposite effect on employees involved as, too often than not, meetings tend to be boring, inefficient, and don’t lead companies any closer to their goals. The infographic below from Fuze shows just how much time meetings waste.

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Communication Breakdown: Are Meetings More Important for Women?

millennials in a meeting
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A long-standing issue seems to be the differences between men and women in the workplace. Everything from pay to stereotypes have been factors that have led to a lack of gender equality, which still exists even at high executive levels. A recent article on takes a look at a recent report titled “Why Meetings Matter Even More for Women.”

The report is from researchers at Flynn Health Holt Leadership, who conducted a year-long study of female executives and reviewed thousands of other evaluations. They also surveyed females who worked at vice-president or higher levels, and interviewed both men and women from Fortune 500 comapnies. The goal was to gain a better understanding of how gender roles influence high-level meetings.

Some of the findings were pretty astounding, with interviewed executives talking about dominating and timid personalities in the conference room. The article even offered some advice for women on how to better communicate during meetings. Marissa Brassfield (founder and CEO, Ridiculously Efficient) and I broke down the article to offer our own insights on the topic of gender differences in the workplace. Check it out below.

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