Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

happy employees

This is a guest post by Heidi Cardenas.

There’s no denying that employees who are happy with their surroundings are happier at work. And by extension, employees who are more physically comfortable and aren’t distracted by awkward desk arrangements or back pain from uncomfortable chairs are able to be more focused on work, states Wellnomics.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners will find, attention to the work environment is important. From ergonomics to color and light, to amenities like coffee stations and snacks, all of these aspects of an office help create happy employees and thus pay off for the bottom line.

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9 Responses to Google’s Email Rules

Google Office
(CC) Phil.Wendler/Flickr

“How Google Works,” the recently published business book by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, shares a number of key Google practices. Chief among them, as you’d imagine, are email rules, and Time recently compiled a list of Schmidt and Rosenberg’s top email tips.

The kicker here, of course, is that these rules don’t equally apply to executives and the teams who must carry out the action items in each missive. The following are my edits on Google’s rules for emailing, as they pertain to key staff and team members. [Read more…]

Hit Your Numbers: Happy Employees = Results

happy employees drive results

This is a guest post by Faeeza Masood.

Research shows that happier workers are more productive, and more productive workers are better at hitting their numbers. According to Teresa Amabile’s research, workers are most motivated and productive when they can see progress toward their goals. Through an analysis of 12,000 diary entries, the common thread to happiness among 76 percent of participants was progress, even incremental, towards an end goal. This research is critically important in that it makes clear that the secret towards obtaining your calculated figures lies in motivating your employees to continue toward their goal. Read on below for tips and tricks to motivate your employees and drive productivity.

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