This Infographic Shows How Much Time Meetings Are Wasting

stormtroopers having a meeting

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Traditionally, meetings were meant has a means to productively brainstorm, discuss upcoming project and make decisions. However, many meetings tend to have the opposite effect on employees involved as, too often than not, meetings tend to be boring, inefficient, and don’t lead companies any closer to their goals. The infographic below from Fuze shows just how much time meetings waste.

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Communication Breakdown: Are Meetings More Important for Women?

millennials in a meeting

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A long-standing issue seems to be the differences between men and women in the workplace. Everything from pay to stereotypes have been factors that have led to a lack of gender equality, which still exists even at high executive levels. A recent article on takes a look at a recent report titled “Why Meetings Matter Even More for Women.”

The report is from researchers at Flynn Health Holt Leadership, who conducted a year-long study of female executives and reviewed thousands of other evaluations. They also surveyed females who worked at vice-president or higher levels, and interviewed both men and women from Fortune 500 comapnies. The goal was to gain a better understanding of how gender roles influence high-level meetings.

Some of the findings were pretty astounding, with interviewed executives talking about dominating and timid personalities in the conference room. The article even offered some advice for women on how to better communicate during meetings. Marissa Brassfield (founder and CEO, Ridiculously Efficient) and I broke down the article to offer our own insights on the topic of gender differences in the workplace. Check it out below.

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Billionaire Carlos Slim Says People Should Only Work 3 Days a Week

carlos slim shortened workweek

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The second richest person in the world, Mexican businessperson Carlos Slim, says people work way too much and the workweek should be shortened to just three days. Slim made the statement at a business conference in Paraguay, in which he said it was time for a “radical overhaul” of the way we work.

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This is How Much Disorganization is Costing Your Small Business

© gemenacom -

© gemenacom –

This is a guest post by Kevin Flanagan.

If you own and operate a small business, getting organized is vital to the survival of your venture. Disorganization has many hidden costs to your business; Insightly reports that the average worker spends up to half an hour every day trying to locate a client’s information or searching for a lost email, resulting in up to $6000 in annual costs to their employers. If you want to be productive, secure, and efficient, here are some ways disorganization can suck the life from your business and how you can beat it:

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Workplace Deal Breakers [Infographic]

© sokolovsky - Fotolia

© sokolovsky – Fotolia

There are many aspects of people’s jobs that they don’t necessarily like, but they deal with. These are usually things that bug them, that they will go home and complain about, but it’s not quite enough to push people to leave. Then there are the workplace deal breakers. These are the things that frustrate workers to a point of no return, pushing them to leave their jobs. A recent survey conducted by BambooHR reveals the top five annoyances that lead employees to their breaking points.

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It’s Time to Get Rid of the 40-Hour Workweek, According to Google’s Founders

larry page and sergey bring talk about the 40-hour workweek

Photo credit: ABC News

Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin recently participated in a rare joint interview, where they talked about self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and how the world no longer needs a 40-hour workweek. This is a topic that we have discussed at length here are Ridiculously Efficient, so it was certainly interesting to see industry leaders opening up a conversation about what the workweek should look like.

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Having Fine Art in the Workplace is Good for Productivity

fine art in the workplace

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This is a guest post by Andre Smith.

Employees will typically spend more of their waking hours at work than at home during an average work week. An employee’s environment can help or hinder their productivity.

Why Have Art in the Workplace?

A survey of more than 800 employees revealed that multiple companies have begun incorporating fine art in their workplaces. Why are businesses beginning to participate in this trend? It was revealed that this practice has increased creativity, elevated productivity, reduced stress, broadened employee appreciation and enhanced morale. It not only improves the environment, but employees stated that it increases quality of life, builds relationships and leads to networking opportunities.

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FIFA World Cup Productivity by the Numbers [Infographic]

world cup productivity

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When any major sporting event occurs, it’s widely known that it will negatively impact productivity. With the FIFA World Cup well underway, many companies are likely struggling to keep employees focused on work, rather than on their favorite teams’ standings. The infographic below from InsideView outlines just how the World Cup is affecting work productivity.

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Free Productivity Coaching Calls!

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© Sunny studio –

Tuesday marks one year since my mom passed away, and in honor of her spirit of aloha, I’m opening up 30 half-hour slots for free productivity coaching calls.

We can talk about anything productivity-related, but if I were you, I would do an 80-20 assessment first, and then use this coaching opportunity to discuss:

  • The #1 issue that’s preventing you from becoming more effective
  • How to make more time for the 20 percent of business activities that lead to 80 percent of your results
  • How to prioritize tasks and manage projects without going insane
  • Workflow optimization, work habits and day scheduling
  • Finding the best ubiquitous capture methods for you to build effective to-do lists

Coaching Logistics

All calls will take place via Skype or Google+ Hangout. You’ll be able to choose the best time for you after filling out this form.

All calls will be recorded, and may be used for promotional or commercial purposes.
My intent here is not to embarrass anyone or make trade secrets public. My vision is instead to create a library of coaching calls for the Ridiculously Efficient community to access. I believe that what is private is public — the productivity problems you’re facing are shared by hundreds, perhaps thousands of others — and that by creating a forum to share these ideas, our community will continually get smarter, faster and more effective.

I’ll reappropriate an old saying to underscore the point: if I have a productivity strategy and you have a productivity strategy and we share those strategies, then both of us have two strategies.

I acknowledge that not everyone shares this attitude. If this approach isn’t right for you, no problem — but please don’t sign up for a coaching call. If it is, please know that I’ll ask you to fill out a consent form for me to record the call before we start.

Want the Free Coaching? Start Here

The first step to signing up for one of these free productivity coaching calls is to fill out this form.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you and helping you solve some of your biggest productivity challenges!

Top 10 Productivity Killers [Infographic]

productivity killers

Offices comes with a slew of distractions, from surfing the Internet to simply chatting with colleagues. A national survey from CareerBuilder reveals the top 10 productivity killers in American workplaces. The study also exposes some of the weirdest things bosses have found employees doing at work.

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Your Productivity Doesn’t Have to Suffer During the 2014 World Cup

world cup productivity

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The FIFA World Cup is officially underway and, for a lot of people around the world, soccer is going to be everyone’s main focus for the next month.The productivity lost during this time will be felt around the globe, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While many studies have shown that there are going to be major productivity declines during the World Cup, there are many ways employers can embrace the spirit of the games to boost productivity and morale in the long run.

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Anna Kendrick Exposes a Typical Unproductive Workday

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

We’ve all been there — a workday so boring and unproductive that we can’t seem to find enough ways to entertain ourselves before the clock chimes 5pm. In a new and hilarious short film titled The Call, actress Anna Kendrick exposes what it’s like to work during a super unproductive and boring day.

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3 Things to Do Today to Make Tomorrow Even Better

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make mornings productive

Some are just natural morning people — they spring out of bed and are able to begin their day without any temptation from their snooze button. Then there’s the rest of us. Mornings don’t always run smoothly, so why not start the night before? Here are three things to do at the end of your workday to make your mornings just a little bit easier.

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This Animated Map Shows that NYC has a Workaholism Problem

new york city

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It really is the city that never sleeps. This animated map of Manhattan, called Breathing City, displays a day in the life of the city’s population, showing when people are at work and when they are at home. The 24-hour cycle shows hour-to-hour changes, displaying that most of Manhattan is working midday (orange), and most are at home at night (blue). However, Midtown and the Financial District remain a solid orange around the clock.

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