Seth Godin’s Productivity Pyramid

Photo via Magdalena Roeseler/Flickr

There is no quick fix to boosting productivity. There are levels, steps and a lot of trial and error that goes into figuring out which tactics are right for you. Seth Godin has recently outlined a very simple way to boost productivity, and he says it’s as easy as giving yourself a promotion. He calls it the Productivity Pyramid, which comes with several steps that will ultimately get you to a place where you are the one calling the shots.

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Creative Agency Encourages Play With Break Room Ball Pit

pearlfisher ball pit
Photo credit: Fast Company


Creative agency Pearlfisher decided to add a bit of fun to their London office. They filled a gallery space with 81.000 white balls, turning the area into a giant ball pit.

“The idea was to create an interactive installation that promotes the power of play,” Karen Welman, a founding creative partner, told Fast Company.

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Workers Would Rather Watch Paint Dry Than Go to Meetings

millennials in a meeting
(CC) Victor1558/Flickr

The average worker spends just about the same amount of time preparing for meetings as they do actually participating in them. A recent survey from collaboration software Clarizen highlights just how much time status meetings require, and how they are getting in the way of productivity.

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This App Tracks Your Happiness While You Work

niko niko app

How you work has a lot to do with you how feel. Your ability to perform well and work productively is largely dependent on your mood. Now, there’s an app called Niko Niko that can actually measure your mood while you work, allowing managers to track team morale, productivity and overall performance.

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The Balance Stool Gives You a Workout at Your Desk

balance stool

Most office jobs mean sitting down for a large portion of the day, and we all know that this inevitable sedentary lifestyle is slowly ruining our bodies. There are many ways you can fit some activity into the day, like a lunch-hour workout or swapping your desk chair for an exercise ball. Another great alternative is the Balance Stool, a wobbly seat that forces you to work your core as you type away at your computer.

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