Effective Solutions That Kill Inefficiency and Poor Productivity


This is a guest post from Kevin McCourt.

We’re human, not robots. We’re susceptible to work-efficiency weaknesses and vulnerable to productivity pitfalls. But we can also improve. Use the following resources to stay on track and enhance work performance:

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Take a Social Media Vacation With Relaxed Auto-Replies

Relaxed auto reply

The auto-reply email has helped many professionals vacation without having to worry about the state of their inboxes. These auto-replies are an easy and simple way to let people know that you aren’t available. Now you can do the same with your social media accounts with the help of Relaxed.

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Keep Track of Your Time With Toggl

Toggl time tracker

Time is a funny thing. One minute you’re working on blog post and the next thing you know you’re on YouTube watching videos of adorable puppies. The smallest of distractions can send us into a vortex of wasted time, all while we somehow think we’re still working. Toggl is a new way to help you track your time and can easily be used to figure out how you really spend your day.

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