The PowerPoint Tools & Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

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This is a guest post by Camille Holden.

Marshall McLuhan famously said, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” But as 21st century workers, we don’t usually get to shape our tools, they are just handed to us and we’re expected to be able to use them.

Think of the tools you use every day: Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint…

The problem is that the tools we get handed are built to work for everyone; they’re generic and dumbed-down for mass use. So what does this say for us, the workers, who will become shaped by our tools?

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Stress Expert Jan Bruce Talks Overworking vs. Hard Work [Interview]

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Many people, too many people, believe that working hard equates to working more, to longer hours, and a complete lack of a personal life. This doesn’t have to be the case — people can be ambitious while maintaining work-life alignment with the help of productivity tools and knowledge which allow people to get more done in smaller amounts of time.

Stress expert Jan Bruce, co-founder of meQuilibrium, says this is exactly what leads to overworked employees, which thus leads to higher levels of stress (which, in itself, comes with a long list of health issues). Bruce says there are two ways to overcome overworked employees — a change of policy from managers and an overall change in culture from leaders. She talks to us about balancing stress and how both employers and employees can change to combat burnout.

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How to Set Up Your Desk for Your Best Workday [Infographic]

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A person’s desk says wonders about their work style. Some prefer organized chaos, while others prefer clean and minimalist — but whatever your style may be, its likely your desk is missing a few key components. A recent infographic from the Huffington Post displays exactly how to set you your desk for a great work day.

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Do You Work for a Crazy Entrepreneur? Meet REBEL, Your Secret Weapon for Sanity and Productivity

Anyone who works closely for an entrepreneur knows that nobody really gets our jobs.

After all, who would ever want to work crazy hours, under extreme pressure and tight deadlines, for visionaries who are focused on big, bold and seemingly crazy ideas? :)

Most people run away from this type of work, citing every reason in the book.

“It’s too stressful.”
“I won’t ever have a life outside of work.”
“Too many projects and competing deadlines.”
“I’ll just find a normal corporate job.”

Rebels thrive in this environment. We crave innovation and exponential progress. We refuel from the energy generated by sharing new ideas, taking on big challenges and hanging out with inspiring people.

Rebels break stereotypes. We create even better ways to facilitate high performance in ourselves and our teams, because when you work in an environment where anything is possible, suddenly every problem has a solution. (Even crazy work hours!)

For me, and rockstars in roles similar to mine, that solution is REBEL, the Ridiculously Efficient Big Efficiency Library.

Learn More About REBEL
REBEL is more than a constantly-updated database of my best productivity stuff, like tools, checklists, templates, interviews, best practices, and app reviews.

REBEL is a community of the most effective entrepreneurial staff on the planet.

After all, Rebels can understand and appreciate the true nature of our work — and why we’re so intent on getting even better at what we do.

When we’re productive, our entrepreneurs can achieve their objectives. When we’re ridiculously efficient, our entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams.

Imagine how you’d feel if you were part of a community that could actually give useful answers, backed with expertise, to questions like this?

  • We’re 48 hours from launch, and my entrepreneur just completely changed our strategy. How can I find someone who can change all these automated sequences overnight?
  • My entrepreneur calls me with work tasks well into the evening, and it’s taking a toll on my family life. How can I make it all work?
  • My entrepreneur needs me to make dinner reservations in Tokyo for right after his flight lands. How do I pick a place? He has some unusual dietary restrictions.
  • Our sales manager keeps complaining to me about her commissions, and it’s really demotivating. How can I support her without getting angry?
  • I get mountains of email every day. How can I stay on top of it but still get things done?

You deserve this kind of support, both in and out of work.

Become a Rebel