Announcing REBEL: The Ridiculously Efficient Big Efficiency Library is Open for Entrepreneurs’ Teams

Have you ever felt frustrated because your assistant or key team members didn’t get or understand how to effectively communicate with you?

Have you ever let go a great employee, or maybe had a great employee voluntarily leave, because there was a mismatch between your expectations of the job and theirs?

You’ve probably never heard of me, and so you might not think that you and I have much in common, but actually, I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

From my seat at the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit.
From my seat at the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit.

I’m the person behind the scenes tasked with transforming an entrepreneur’s bold vision into reality. My entrepreneur has founded over a dozen companies in the space and technology industries, and coaches other entrepreneurs on how they can turn their success into global significance.

Thanks to his Abundance 360 coaching program, which I coordinate, I’ve not only gotten to meet and learn from other ultra-successful entrepreneurs, I’ve gotten to know their teams. Their assistants, their project managers, their heads of operations. I’ve seen them come and go, and I’ve picked their brains to learn why some of them stay for decades.

If you have an assistant, or maybe a small team of project managers, you already know what inefficiency costs your organization.

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Email Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

email efficiently
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Email tends to take up a lot of time in our days. A 2013 study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute found that 28 percent of the workweek is spent on email — including reading, sending, deleting and sorting messages. For a typical 40-hour workweek, this accounts for about one and a half full workdays.

To help make your email use more efficient, we’ve gathered useful keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook. Below you’ll find how to check, send, reply and sort messages without ever having to use your mousepad.

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Finally Complete That One Dreaded To-Do

to-do list
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No matter what to-do list hacks and methods you use, there is always that one task that seems to linger around because you are simply dreading completing it. It’s one of those things that can’t be delegated or outsourced, so you have to complete it yourself (but you really don’t want to!). Scott Dockweiler of The Daily Muse suggested using accountability to finally check-off that one dreaded to-do. [Read more...]

It’s Time to Get Rid of the 40-Hour Workweek, According to Google’s Founders

larry page and sergey bring talk about the 40-hour workweek
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Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin recently participated in a rare joint interview, where they talked about self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and how the world no longer needs a 40-hour workweek. This is a topic that we have discussed at length here are Ridiculously Efficient, so it was certainly interesting to see industry leaders opening up a conversation about what the workweek should look like.

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Can Women Have it All? We Analyze PepsiCo CEO’s Honest Interview

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo
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Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo, a job that leaves little time for family and fun. Indra recently appeared at the Aspen Ideas Festival, where she was interviewed by David Bradley, the owner of The Atlantic. The interview was a candid one, in which Indra revealed the struggles of running a large company while trying to balance a family and the cultural expectations of being an Indian woman.

Marissa (CEO/Founder of Ridiculously Efficient Inc.) and I were pretty shocked by some of the things Indra had to say, so we shared our reactions to a few of Indra’s quotes below.

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