The Definitive Guide to Decking Out Your Home Office [Infographic]

desk plant

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With more and more people choosing flexible working over working in a traditional office space, the home office has become increasingly important. From the design to the ergonomics, every aspect of your home office has an impact on your productivity. The infographic below from Vonage shows you just how to deck out your home office.

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Time is Money, So Stop Wasting it

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We have become experts at wasting time. Between Facebook, fantasy football, and Angry Birds, we barely have time left for work. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh yeah, work is what we are supposed to be doing! Michael Moroney recently published an article on Entrepreneur that might make you think differently about how you spend your time.

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Adjusting To Change by Being Tenacious

adjust to change

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This is a guest post from Nathan H. RubinHead of People Operations and Lead Content Creator at

“Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical” – Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra was an iconic baseball player and he’s famous for saying things that sound great, but don’t quite make sense. While his math doesn’t add up in the above quote, the point is relatively clear.

Life is a mental game and being in the right mindset and maintaining perspective is important to succeeding. Things in life don’t always go as planned, and adjusting to change and being resourceful are necessary components of success.

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Benjamin Franklin’s Productivity Hacks

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Benjamin Franklin was a busy man. He was one of the founders of our nation, as well as an inventor and a businessman. Franklin was also extremely productive with the time he had each day. The following three productivity hacks come from Franklin’s personal writing, where he detailed his schedule and his ability to be extremely productive.

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning at the Office

spring cleaning office

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I can almost hear the collective groans as you read this. I know, cleaning is the last thing on your mind but your office probably needs a little spruce up. Let’s face it, that cluttered desk and unorganized filing system is only getting in the way of your productivity. Jessica Filigno, professional home and office organizer, shared a few tips on the best ways to tackle spring cleaning in your office.

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Avoid the Ostrich Problem

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Do you ever avoid stepping on the scale out of fear for what it will read? Similarly, do you avoid tracking progress on a project because you are scared you won’t meet your deadline? You could be falling victim to what experts call the Ostrich Problem. When people are afraid of learning bad news and thus avoid information pertaining to the problem altogether, they are experiencing the Ostrich Problem. Here are three of the main issues associated with the Ostrich Problem.

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Use Routine to Boost Productivity


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Some of us reject routines. We prefer to go with the flow and see where our days take us. However, this mindset is horrible for productivity. Those who are especially efficient follow pretty strict routines that take a lot of the guess work out of their days. Routines provide structure, which leads to you knowing what you want, how to get it and where things fit into your schedule.

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Focus on Your Flow, Not Your Checklist

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Productivity hacks are great ways to become a more efficient worker. Unfortunately, sometimes we put too much emphasis on becoming more productive, and we lose focus on the quality of our work. This can be counterintuitive because although we are getting more done, the quality of the work completed is poor and we ultimately sell ourselves short.

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Time Management vs. Attention Management

stop procrastinating

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Many workdays are a battle against the clock, which is a battle often lost. The thing about time is that you can’t control it; it runs at the same speed as everyone else in the world. On the one hand, time is a great equalizer because everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. However, your attention is all your own and this is an aspect of your life that you can take control of.

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Using Mindfulness to Improve Work Life

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Mindfulness is a term blanketed by Eastern thought and religion. While many definitions exist, there is not one that rises above the other. A blend of all of these would be something along the lines of “paying attention in the present, experiencing non-judgementally.” Psychologists in the 21st century are now beginning to realize that this ancient way of thought and being can actually improve our work lives as well as our personal.

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A Day in the Life of Hollywood Producer Gregg Fienberg

gregg fienberg daily schedule

Gregg Fienberg (center) at the season 4 premiere of ‘True Blood’ with (L-R) creator Alan Ball, actress Anna Paquin, HBO Entertainment president Sue Naegle and actor Stephen Moyer.
Photo credit: Zimbio

Gregg Fienberg is the executive producer of HBO’s True Blood. Yesterday, we told you about his latest project, a call-tracking app called CallPlease. As a Hollywood Producer, he has a hectic schedule that involves a 12-hour workday, and his new app helps him keep track of all his calls and messages.

Aside from CallPlease, his biggest productivity secret is a schedule review every morning with his assistant. With the help of Fienberg’s other favorite app Tempo and a large wall calendar, they ensure that everyone is on the same page with what tasks need to be completed that day.

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Slash Your To-Do List in Half With These 4 Steps

to-do list

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If you’re an entrepreneur, your to-do list has probably gotten out of hand. From larger projects to menial tasks, your list has extended to several pages long and you just can’t keep up with it anymore. Here is one simple, super easy and effective way to slash your to-do list in half.

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‘True Blood’ Executive Producer Gregg Fienberg Creates Call Tracking App CallPlease

Gregg fienberg

Gregg Fienbeg, Executive Producer of ‘True Blood’ and CEO/Founder of CallPlease

A Hollywood producer’s life is usually inundated with so many phone calls, even their assistants can’t keep up. Between both parties attempting to keep track of all the calls and messages, there’s bound to be some miscommunication along the way. That’s why HBO’s True Blood executive producer Gregg Fienberg created CallPlease. The app helps people track their calls and messages alongside their assistants, making it easier to efficiently track who you need to get back to.

Fienberg talked to us about his new app and how it can help boost your daily productivity.

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