It’s Time to Get Rid of the 40-Hour Workweek, According to Google’s Founders

larry page and sergey bring talk about the 40-hour workweek

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Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin recently participated in a rare joint interview, where they talked about self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and how the world no longer needs a 40-hour workweek. This is a topic that we have discussed at length here are Ridiculously Efficient, so it was certainly interesting to see industry leaders opening up a conversation about what the workweek should look like.

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Can Women Have it All? We Analyze PepsiCo CEO’s Honest Interview

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

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Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo, a job that leaves little time for family and fun. Indra recently appeared at the Aspen Ideas Festival, where she was interviewed by David Bradley, the owner of The Atlantic. The interview was a candid one, in which Indra revealed the struggles of running a large company while trying to balance a family and the cultural expectations of being an Indian woman.

Marissa (CEO/Founder of Ridiculously Efficient Inc.) and I were pretty shocked by some of the things Indra had to say, so we shared our reactions to a few of Indra’s quotes below.

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Get More Done With Reward Tasks

© crossstudio - Fotolia

© crossstudio – Fotolia

Most of us love the satisfaction of crossing off an item on our to-do lists, however important or mundane the task might have been. But this satisfaction alone isn’t always enough to help us fight off procrastination. Add ‘reward tasks’ to your to-do list to give yourself that extra incentive. [Read more...]

Being Ethical Requires Energy

stressed worker

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People of all walks of life and professions have to make a myriad of decisions based on ethics every day. Resisting unethical temptations requires effort and energy. Throughout the day, our energy wanes, and so does our self control. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), people are more likely to behave unethically when their energy is low.

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Is It Time For a Vacation? This Infographic Says It Is


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When was the last time you took a break? Not just a lazy Sunday, but a real break. Do you take regular vacations, where you completely unplug, ignore all incoming work emails, and really just enjoy time with friends and family? If not, it’s probably time you did. The infographic below from SuperBreak provides 5 solid signs it’s time for you to take a break.

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Free Productivity Coaching Calls!

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© Sunny studio –

Tuesday marks one year since my mom passed away, and in honor of her spirit of aloha, I’m opening up 30 half-hour slots for free productivity coaching calls.

We can talk about anything productivity-related, but if I were you, I would do an 80-20 assessment first, and then use this coaching opportunity to discuss:

  • The #1 issue that’s preventing you from becoming more effective
  • How to make more time for the 20 percent of business activities that lead to 80 percent of your results
  • How to prioritize tasks and manage projects without going insane
  • Workflow optimization, work habits and day scheduling
  • Finding the best ubiquitous capture methods for you to build effective to-do lists

Coaching Logistics

All calls will take place via Skype or Google+ Hangout. You’ll be able to choose the best time for you after filling out this form.

All calls will be recorded, and may be used for promotional or commercial purposes.
My intent here is not to embarrass anyone or make trade secrets public. My vision is instead to create a library of coaching calls for the Ridiculously Efficient community to access. I believe that what is private is public — the productivity problems you’re facing are shared by hundreds, perhaps thousands of others — and that by creating a forum to share these ideas, our community will continually get smarter, faster and more effective.

I’ll reappropriate an old saying to underscore the point: if I have a productivity strategy and you have a productivity strategy and we share those strategies, then both of us have two strategies.

I acknowledge that not everyone shares this attitude. If this approach isn’t right for you, no problem — but please don’t sign up for a coaching call. If it is, please know that I’ll ask you to fill out a consent form for me to record the call before we start.

Want the Free Coaching? Start Here

The first step to signing up for one of these free productivity coaching calls is to fill out this form.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you and helping you solve some of your biggest productivity challenges!

Author of ‘The Zen Programmer’ Shares his Top Productivity Tip [Interview - Part 4]

christian grobmeier zen programmer

Last week, we shared a three-part series in which Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, told us why he turned to meditation, how it has helped his productivity and his new schedule with a great work-life balance. Today, in the final part of our interview, Grobmeier tells us about his top productivity tip and what readers will gain from reading his book.

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‘The Zen Programmer’ Went From Working 75 Hours/Week to an Amazing Work-Life Balance [Interview - Part 3]

the zen programmer

Author of The Zen Programmer, Christian Grobmeier, has been sharing with us how he went zen and how doing so has inadvertently helped boost his productivity. Today, Grobmeier shares his new work schedule, which allows him to make time for cooking meals, playing with his kids and, of course, meditation. He went from working 75 hours a week to working from work and creating his own schedule, one that works for all aspects of his life. Grobmeier tells us more about his zen schedule below.

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‘The Zen Programmer’ Talks Meditating for Productivity [Interview - Part 2]

christian grobmeier the zen programmer

Photo credit: Java Usergroup Stuttgart

In part one of our interview with Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, he told us what led him to going zen and how simply learning to say ‘no’ changed his life. To Grobmeier, practicing zen means not having expectations and remembering that simply breathing, eating and sleeping should take priority. In part two of our interview, Grobmeier tells us how the art of zen can give you a better work-life balance while also boosting your productivity.

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Find Your Zen With Christian Grobmeier [Interview - Part 1]

christian grobmeier zen programmer

Here at Ridiculously Efficient, we’ve always been advocates for de-stressing techniques, such as yoga and meditation, to boost your focus and overall productivity. Christian Grobmeier is the author of The Zen Programmer, a book which outlines his journey to finding his zen, and how anyone can do the same.  Going zen is about taking control of your own life, learning to say ‘no’ when necessary and learning that zen can be be practiced anywhere at any time. Grobmeier was kind enough to share his story with us, telling how what led him to finding his zen and the steps he had to take to do so.

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3 Things to Do Today to Make Tomorrow Even Better

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make mornings productive

Some are just natural morning people — they spring out of bed and are able to begin their day without any temptation from their snooze button. Then there’s the rest of us. Mornings don’t always run smoothly, so why not start the night before? Here are three things to do at the end of your workday to make your mornings just a little bit easier.

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Long-Term Destressing: Have You Tried These 4 Strategies?

5 minute meditation

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This is a guest post by Joseph Kelly.

When stress hits us hard, we want it gone, and fast. Reducing and eliminating stress is a never-ending process that requires self-awareness, mindfulness and practice. Only facing stress once it has hit you in the face like a brick is ineffective for long-term health and prosperity. Prepare for ongoing stress management with the following four strategies.

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Here’s Why You Should Listen to Video Game Soundtracks While You Work

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© tomispin –

We’ve talked a lot about how to influence your senses to create a more productive work environment. Everything from color and sound to having greenery in your peripheral vision can have an impact on your performance at work. Sound seems to vary, though. Some suggest certain types of music, while others say the background sounds of a coffee shop are best for productivity. But the correct answer might just be hidden in your video games.

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