3 Ways to Delegate When You’re on the Bottom Rung

Photo via Nguyen Hung Vu/Flickr
Photo via Nguyen Hung Vu/Flickr

This is a guest post by Joe Pawlikowski.

Have you delegated any tasks today? Unless you’re in a management position, with employees working under you, chances are you answered in the negative. Which is a shame.

How many tasks did you perform today that a person with half your brain power – or even a chimp, in some cases – could do? Furthermore: how does that make you feel at work? Chances are it makes you feel like you don’t have any value to the company.

The bad news: your boss isn’t going to give you more meaningful work just because you feel like you want it.

The good news: you can take your situation into your own hands.

There are risks, for sure. But if you want to change your situation, you have to take action. In this case, the action is delegation. How can you do that if you’re on the bottom rung of the ladder, with no one under you to whom you can delegate?

You’d be surprised at your options.

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Breaking Barriers: Organize Your Home Office to Get Stuff Done

home office productivity

This is a guest post by Keri Lunt Stevens.

It’s hard to justify allotting several hours to a home office deep clean when you have projects that are due and clients who are waiting. But, what you may not have considered is that your productivity is likely suffering due to the mess you won’t address. Disorganization can cost you in multiple ways including late fees, wasted time and unnecessary purchases (because you—ahem—can’t find anything). To make more time and save more money, use these tips to get stuff done:

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How Your Mood Swings Are Getting in the Way of Your Productivity

productivity and procrastination

Procrastination is one of those things that always seems to be brought on by a list of excuses we tell ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we are perfectionists, at other times we will blame a project’s disorganization. While there might be some truth, our excuses are usually just that — a means to get us out of doing something we just don’t want to do. One of the reasons for procrastination often gets overlooked, but is probably the most common culprit, and it’s as simple as our mood

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Curation vs. Creation: Identify Your Work Process to Boost Productivity

Photo credit: TheMuse.com
Photo credit: TheMuse.com

Work days tend to split between two different modes. The first is when you feel super productive and fly through tasks. Other days, you feel you aren’t as productive and would rather spend your time observing, researching or curled up on the couch. However, one is not any better than the other, they are simply different parts of your own process. And by identifying your process, you can learn how to take your productivity to the next level.

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A Case for Using Good Old Pen and Paper to Take Meeting Notes

© anyaberkut – Fotolia.com

Taking notes on a laptop is undoubtedly faster, easier and more convenient than using pen and paper, but a recent study suggests that longhand is much better if you want to actually remember some of those notes. A recent paper published in the journal Psychological Science found that those who took longhand notes performed better on quizzes than those who took notes on their laptop, even when there was no Internet connection.

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