Chris Bailey TEDx Talk: A Path to Meaningful Work

chris bailey tedx talk

Photo credit: A Year of Productivity

Chris Bailey is the guy behind A Year of Productivity. Last spring, he graduated with a business degree and was offered two full-time jobs. Both of the positions offered a competitive salary and the opportunity for career development. What both were lacking, however, was meaning.

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Exercise Makes You More Confident at Work

treadmill desk

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Although it is one of the most written about topics when discussing stress management, people are still not paying enough attention to the importance of exercising and the role it can play in their professional and personal lives. Recent research from Saint Leo University in Florida examined the impact of exercise on work-life balance. The findings are compelling, and a sure call to action for anyone who does not exercise regularly.

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More Proof That You Should Stop Multitasking


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Want to become more productive? Stop multitasking!

Research from FuzeBox is furthering the idea that multitasking actually leads to minimized productivity. Where we once thought we were boosting our productivity, researchers are now telling us that the lack of focus on one thing, essentially the makeup of multitasking, kills our productivity on all tasks involved.

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Productivity Hacks From Super Successful People

© kikkerdirk -

© kikkerdirk –

Max Nisen of Business Insider recently talked with some of the worlds most successful business people about how they maintain a productive lifestyle with so much on their plate at any given time. The following three productivity hacks rang true to me, and I think they can help you become a more productive person as well.

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Get Up Early to Be Productive

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make mornings productive

We are all busy. Between work’ss constraints and life’s demands, we have a full plate day in and day out. So how do we fit in the time for the things we want to do, with no distractions, no interruptions, just focus? We have to do these things when everyone else is still sleeping.

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Is it Time to Ditch the Checklist?


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Productivity hacks are great ways to become a more efficient worker. Unfortunately, sometimes we put too much emphasis on becoming more productive, and we lose focus on the quality of our work. This can be counterintuitive because, although we are getting more done, the quality of the work completed is poor and we ultimately sell ourselves short.

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A 5-Minute Meditation to Help Make You More Productive

5 minute meditation

© Dirima –

Meditation is a technique that helps both the body and mind relax and feel centered. Some will choose to take classes, and others will incorporate meditation as part of their yoga routines. However, all you really need is five minutes every morning to help you start your day off without the stress of work.

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How to Create the Best Soundtrack for Work

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ambient noise

Sound is a powerful thing. It can instantly change our moods, emotions and even our focus. We already know that ambient noise makes us more productive, as do the background noises heard at coffee shops. But how do these different sounds help us throughout the day? Lifehacker recently explored the types of music that are best suited for our work playlists.

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Use This Productivity Wheel to See How You Really Spend Your Time

productivity wheel

Photo credit: The Daily Muse

Yesterday, we showed you how some of the world’s most creative people spent their time. The information was presented on a poster, with each individual’s time shown through a 24-hour wheel. The folks over at The Daily Muse took this concept and turned it into something we can all use to track our time.

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Productive Routines of the World’s Most Creative People [Infographic]

creative routines

We’ve talked a lot about how routine can help you reach your full potential, and have even highlighted the routines of some pretty productive people. But, how do especially creative people design routines? I, for one, still struggle with the idea of routine because I don’t know when I’m going to feel creative (even though I kind of do know when). Mason Curry investigated the daily rituals of some of the world’s most creative people. Some of them had pretty disciplined routines throughout their lives, while others stuck to a specific regimen only while working on particular projects.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Save Two Hours Every Day

stop procrastinating

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This is a guest post by Hrishikesh Jobanputra. 

The idea of working six hours a day and leaving for home two hours early sounds fascinating. Yet it’s like a distant dream for most of us. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could save two hours from your workday, only to go home or pursue your passion? And doing this without making any compromises in your work or displeasing your boss!

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The Benefits of Coworking [Infographic]

hub vilnius coworking space

Lithuania’s Hub Vilnius coworking space. (CC) Mindaugas Danys/Flickr

Flexible working comes with a long list of benefits, including choosing your own schedule and the possibility of more time for family and friends. However, as many know, working from home also comes with a few downsides. The beauty of flexible working means you can choose where you work, whether that means a home office, a coffee shop or a coworking space. The infographic below from Desk Mag outlines the pros and cons of each workspace.

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Effective Solutions That Kill Inefficiency and Poor Productivity


This is a guest post from Kevin McCourt.

We’re human, not robots. We’re susceptible to work-efficiency weaknesses and vulnerable to productivity pitfalls. But we can also improve. Use the following resources to stay on track and enhance work performance:

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Playing Hooky Can Be a Good Thing

© Konstantin Yuganov -

© Konstantin Yuganov –

Donna Sapolin, the founding editor of Next Avenue, believes that there are benefits to playing hooky from work every now and then. Sapolin, who previously ran a virtual content operation, believes there is an invaluable benefit to being free to work from where you want, when you want. Along with this general claim, Sapolin believes that playing hooky, defined as judiciously using traditional work hours in a single day to do enjoyable things that allow you to decompress, has its benefits. Here are 5 reasons why.

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