The Future of Work in the Eyes of Gen Z and Millennials [Infographic]


There has been a lot of debate about millennials, our roles in the workplace and the way we view our careers and lives in general. But it seems we have quite a bit in common with our younger counterparts, Generation Z (those born in 1995 and after). An infographic from human resource consulting firm Adecco takes a look at the similarities and differences between millennials and Gen Z when it comes to the way we view work and our futures.

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How Technology Has Changed the Meeting [Infographic]


The last few years has seen a huge change in the way people work, thanks the growing use of technology. People can easily work from home, we can have video conferences with people on the other side of the world, and reports can easily be shared and collaborated on without ever printing them out. Thanks to technology, the way we conduct meetings is also vastly different. The infographic below from Brandies University shows us just how much meetings have changed through the years.

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44 Productivity Apps You Need to Know About [Infographic]

productivity apps
Photo credit: Jason Howie/Flickr

The term “there’s an app for that” has never been more true. For every list you need to make, every task you need to complete and every meeting you need to schedule, you can do it right from your smartphone. The infographic below by Conosco outlines 44 apps that will help with every aspect of your productivity, from to-do lists to goal-tracking, and everything in between. There’s even a few Ridiculously Efficient favourites in there, like Todoist, Basecamp, Toggl and Google Drive. Check out the entire list below!

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The Ugly Truth About Meetings [Infographic]

stormtroopers having a meeting
(CC) Howie Le/Flickr

Traditionally, meetings were meant has a means to productively brainstorm, discuss upcoming project and make decisions. However, many meetings tend to have the opposite effect on employees involved as, too often than not, meetings tend to be boring, inefficient, and don’t lead companies any closer to their goals. The infographic below from Fuze shows just how much time meetings waste.

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Workplace Deal Breakers [Infographic]

© sokolovsky - Fotolia
© sokolovsky – Fotolia

There are many aspects of people’s jobs that they don’t necessarily like, but they deal with. These are usually things that bug them, that they will go home and complain about, but it’s not quite enough to push people to leave. Then there are the workplace deal breakers. These are the things that frustrate workers to a point of no return, pushing them to leave their jobs. A recent survey conducted by BambooHR reveals the top five annoyances that lead employees to their breaking points.

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