Workplace Deal Breakers [Infographic]

© sokolovsky - Fotolia
© sokolovsky – Fotolia

There are many aspects of people’s jobs that they don’t necessarily like, but they deal with. These are usually things that bug them, that they will go home and complain about, but it’s not quite enough to push people to leave. Then there are the workplace deal breakers. These are the things that frustrate workers to a point of no return, pushing them to leave their jobs. A recent survey conducted by BambooHR reveals the top five annoyances that lead employees to their breaking points.

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Productivity During the 2014 World Cup [Infographic]

world cup productivity
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When any major sporting event occurs, it’s widely known that it will negatively impact productivity. With the FIFA World Cup well underway, many companies are likely struggling to keep employees focused on work, rather than on their favorite teams’ standings. The infographic below from InsideView outlines just how the World Cup is affecting work productivity.

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Is It Time For a Vacation? This Infographic Says It Is

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When was the last time you took a break? Not just a lazy Sunday, but a real break. Do you take regular vacations, where you completely unplug, ignore all incoming work emails, and really just enjoy time with friends and family? If not, it’s probably time you did. The infographic below from SuperBreak provides 5 solid signs it’s time for you to take a break.

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Top 10 Productivity Killers [Infographic]

productivity killers

Offices comes with a slew of distractions, from surfing the Internet to simply chatting with colleagues. A national survey from CareerBuilder reveals the top 10 productivity killers in American workplaces. The study also exposes some of the weirdest things bosses have found employees doing at work.

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