Case Studies

With her characteristic infectious energy, Marissa analyzes companies’ workflows, identifies opportunities to increase efficiency and coaches cutting-edge teams to do more in less time.

1. Writers

New in-house writers felt intimidated by their daily performance targets. After a rousing speech, Marissa introduced a timed speed-writing drill. Each writer surpassed his or her self-imposed limit. Feeling empowered rather than daunted, writers would each go on to write between 15 and 20 articles each day.

“Marissa knows how to ignite a fire in her team. Marissa encourages, but doesn’t push. She is realistic, but proves over and over again that the sky is the limit. At the beginning of my time with Trend Hunter, certain tasks and goals seemed near impossible. With Marissa’s coaching, efficiency tips and boundless energy, I was able to far surpass those goals in a few short months. My editing time continuously decreased, and I constantly found myself breaking my own records. I was writing and editing with accuracy, and at a pace that shocked even myself.”
-Rosemina Nazarali, Community Manager and Freelance Writer & Editor

2. Editors

Full-time editors were tasked with scaling the site’s editorial production and trimming their writing times. Marissa shadowed editors as they worked, giving on-the-fly efficiency suggestions. Within a month, each editor dropped her average article-editing time by 2 full minutes and published 20 to 30 additional articles within a standard shift.

“When Marissa shadowed my work, she immediately pinpointed what was keeping me from working at peak efficiency. With her expert guidance, not only did I decrease my average editing time, but I was also able to apply her efficiency tips to other parts of my role.” 
-Katherine Vong, Editor of Trend Research

“Marissa is a natural leader with a variety of proven motivational and empowerment tactics. While she listens to the concerns of every writer and editor she mentors, she also challenges their limiting beliefs and confidently raises the bar higher than they are comfortable with. As a result, I witnessed dozens of writers and editors double — and even triple — their productivity at Trend Hunter. She is an efficiency rockstar, and a ton of fun to boot.”
-Bianca Bartz, Editor-in-Chief of

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