Blue Light Will Boost Your Energy Better Than Any Cup of Coffee

blue light energy
CC laverrue/Flickr

Not a fan of coffee but need a caffeinated boost of brain power during the day? Try using a blue light. New research has found that you give yourself a jolt of brain power by being exposed to blue light.

Researchers from Sweden tested the psychomotor and cognitive functions of 21 volunteers. They did this in four different conditions: being exposed to white light and a dose of 240mg of caffeine, blue light and 240mg caffeine, white light and a placebo, and blue light and a placebo.

The study found that those in the white light group with caffeine and those in the blue light group with the placebo tested higher in accuracy, decision-making and speed. The group tested with blue light and a placebo also had better focus, even around distractions, and better visual reaction.

It turns out this information isn’t exactly new. Philips has actually designed a a light therapy gadget aimed to provide you boosts of energy in a natural way. The goLITE BLU emits a blue light that emulates a clear sky on a summer’s day. Aside from lifting your energy, it’s also a great way to get through those winter blues. Philips suggests leaving it on for 15-45 minute intervals to get the best results.

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