5 Reasons Employee Stress is Killing Office Productivity

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We know that employee stress has a direct effect on individual productivity, but a new survey by ComPsych Corporation provides some hard statistics on stress and work. [Read more...]

28 Ridiculously Efficient-Approved Leadership Quotes

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Not my frosting or candles, but a preview of tonight's sweet celebration. (CC) The Delicious Life/Flickr

It’s my birthday, and to celebrate ringing in 28 right, I’ve compiled a list of Ridiculously Efficient-approved leadership quotes from some of my favorite leaders. [Read more...]

Why Your Office Needs a Quiet Zone

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If your office has an open floor plan, you need a quiet zone. Open-plan offices may promote collaboration and creativity, but they don’t offer the tomblike silence and lack of visual distractions that many need to focus and crank work out. [Read more...]

Prime Company Vacation Policies for Productivity Like Motley Fool With ‘The Fool’s Errand’

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Motley Fool fights employees’ reticence at taking a vacation with “The Fool’s Errand,” a random monthly drawing in which the winning employee must take two weeks off — in a row — within the next month. [Read more...]

5 Ways to Fight Cyberloaf Monday

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Researchers have deemed today, the day after the spring time shift, Cyberloaf Monday due to the massive productivity losses that occur compared to previous and future Mondays. [Read more...]

3 Time-Saving Tricks That Added Over 6 Hours to My Week

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On the weekdays, I typically focus on work productivity, but since it’s the weekend, I couldn’t resist sharing three time-saving tricks that gave me over six hours back this week. [Read more...]