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Ridiculously Efficient supports successful entrepreneurs by supercharging their most precious team members: their assistants and project managers.

We do this through REBEL, our high-performance productivity training resource and community. Keep scrolling for more about REBEL.

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Today, entrepreneurs — not corporations and governments — are the ones driving societal change. These visionary individuals don't work alone: they rely on their teams to organize and execute day-to-day operations.

CEOs and entrepreneurs have a wealth of coaching resources and peer organizations to support their growth. But no one focuses on the people behind the scenes who fuel this growth — except, of course, for Ridiculously Efficient.

Unlike other professional development programs, REBEL is especially for and created by successful entrepreneurs' key team members. (Read more about founder Marissa Brassfield.)

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Superhuman Productivity

Entrepreneurs' assistants and project managers often have to learn on the job, which means that even the most diligent workers can fall victim to routine and ineffective practices.

REBEL helps key team members survive and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. We optimize three primary elements for sustained high performance: workflows, team communication and lifestyle.

Ultimately, Rebels learn to self-manage their stress, energy, motivation and high performance so that they can thrive.

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